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Glamour Victoriei

Address: Buzesti 61 Street, House A6, Flat 46, Floor 7

Phone: 021 - 3110085  073 693 64 16

E - mail:

Schedule: Monday-Friday 8 - 22  Saturday 9 - 17

Web address:


Glamour Victoriei: Any woman is searching for perfection and balance, which is why Glamour Body Remodeling Centre created for you the ideal place where you can relax and pamper your body with the most innovating treatments.

Glamour Body Remodeling Centre offers an ultramodern range of treatments held together with last generation equipment: Dermocell transdermic massage, Spa line Capsule wrappings with infrared, 24 pad-combo electro stimulation, lymphatic drainage, ultrasounds with Ultasono-Free, Ultra Fit vacuum massage.

Each client is unique and benefits of special consultancy before choosing a treatment, for conceiving a personalized program. At the start of each treatment, we conceive a personal chart for each client with their body evolution.   

The Glamour team is composed of physical therapists and kinetic therapists, who constantly participate at trainings for esthetic treatments. Glamour Body Remodeling Centre promotes and uses natural products of the highest quality distributed by Aseyda Cosmetic.

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Customer Testimonials
The despreSpa voucher is the perfect gift for me!

In a moment of full tension and stress, with cumulated frustrations and mostly after a lot of hard work, I received a voucher.

My friends, if you consider that I deserve many gifts and you don’t know what to buy me, the despreSpa voucher is the perfect gift for me! It has a huge advantage: you get to pick where to go, by choosing the right spa from the list on the website, which is exhaustive in this area. 
So, fathers, husbands, lovers, boyfriends, fiancés, secret admirers, fans, brothers-in-laws…what are you waiting for?!

Roxana Penciu , Bucuresti

A pleasant experience!

 I received a voucher of 200 Ron as a gift and the next day I checked the website to find the partner Spa centers. On I found very quickly the information regarding the voucher, the banner being shown right on the first page. I checked the list of the partner spas and then checked each spa’s website to find the offered packages. It took me only 10 minutes, time which included the search of the information and the phone call to Chocolat.

Holban Codruta , Bucuresti

It is wonderful that we can use them everywhere in the country

 First I want to thank for the interesting articles, from where I learned a lot of things and they helped me a lot when I requested extra info for the best spa packages in the country. I have bought spa vouchers for family and friends and I received them instantly. It is great that they can be used all across the country!

Lavinia Vlahu , Brasov

Email-voucher spa, super gift – best surprise ever!

Yesterday it was my birthday. I took the day off from work, without any special schedule for the day, just to relax. First thing in the morning I received an email and after 5 minutes I realized that it was a SPA email-voucher. Instantly I had a purpose for the day…almost 6 hours of full relaxation and leisure in the closest Spa…Aquarium Spa Slatina! Everything was perfect! Thanks to those who thought of me and also for their help!

Mariana Daviduta , Craiova